3rddegree chapter



3 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Best wishes to all of the Officers of the Chapter. A special greeting to my friend George Lundin, Chairman.
    Paul De Rosa, PGK, FDD, FCOB

    1. Paul, how are you my name is Robert Fontana and I am chairing the Suffolk chapter track meet is there any paper work or information to contact coaches and CYO, to let them know when a were it is.

      Fraternally yours, Robert Fontana PGK St. Martin Council 2489

  2. I joined 2458 St Lawrence Council in 1951. I was a charter member of our Squire Circle prior to that. My Dad, Thayer H. (Ted) was GK in the late ’40’s along with Jim Goodwin and Tony Romain. Ws lived from 1941 t0 1969 at 85 Saxton Ave, From ’40 to ’41 we rented at 22 River Street from a Kr, Crutchly who had a store across the street from the telephone company RR Ave. Remember hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor in the living room. I spent 23 years in the military, 27 as a field & general agent like Dad, retired in 2000, worked my way through the chairs and became State Deputy of Tennessee in 2010. The old clubhouse was out on way to Patchogue – had a once bar as I recall. Probably nobody around from that era but
    I would say good lock to all.
    Bob Rounsefell
    PSD TN State Council

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